Superior service from a single point of contact.

With over 300 carriers under contract, our outsourcing department provides additional capacity to help with large volume fluctuations and handle any difficult-to-cover destinations.

ccc_07182013_0035Van, flatbed and specialized equipment are available.

To guarantee safe, quality service, each carrier must meet our strict safety requirements as well as any that are specific to the customer. All loads are tendered through Coastal Transport, ensuring a seamless transaction.

Our customer fulfillment department takes a proactive stance against any problems that arise, however unlikely. If a driver believes that a delivery won’t arrive on time, we’ll let you know immediately. Our goal is to head off small problems before they become big problems, communicating issues as quickly as possible so our customers can react accordingly.

ccc_07182013_0024Being a great transportation partner goes beyond pick-up and delivery. At CT, we place a premium on the fast-turnaround of information as well as goods. We promise:

  • Proof of delivery within 24 hours of a customer request
  • Claims resolved within 60 days (from receipt to resolution)
  • Complete maintenance of your insurance coverage

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