The new year is an excellent time to take a look at policies and procedures within your company. One of the things to take into consideration is well you manage your logistics. Tightening government regulations, equipment costs and changes in demand all weigh heavily upon your time, and your budget. However, when you partner with an experienced OTR trucking company for your long-haul cargo needs, you avoid these issues. Instead you enter into a relationship that benefits your company and customers in three distinct ways.

Regulatory Compliance

Fleet owners and carriers of all sizes are bound by federal compliance laws regarding the operation of their companies as well as their equipment and drivers. They are required to keep detailed records, reduce carbon emissions, improve fuel efficiency and ensure safety at all times. This is a time-consuming, stressful situation, especially for those that are new to the industry and who have little experience. Keeping up with the latest rulings and staying in compliance is an area of expertise for logistics companies. They adopt new regulatory requirements before the deadline, thus, they learn and master the rules while other, less prepared, companies struggle to grasp them.

Variety of Solutions

Depending upon the type of business you operate, the type and number of trucks and trailers you need at any point can change. For example, most of your loads may require flatbed trailers, but occasionally, you have the need for a dry van for a specific number of loads. If you’re restricted to a few trucks that you own, you may miss out on a valuable contract, or lose a lucrative contract. Those that partner with a OTR trucking company with national connections never have to worry about not having the right equipment. If one partner within the network doesn’t have a specific tractor or trailer, another steps in until the customer is satisfied.

Safety and Security

A truck driver’s job is to safely transport cargo from point A to point B in an expeditious manner. They are also fully responsible for the security of the loads that they carry. The top OTR trucking companies in the industry have impeccable safety records, due in part, to the rigorous training their drivers receive. They are also diligent when they are on the road, avoiding places and situations that could pose a threat to the security of their cargo. Because they are connected to so many other companies, and independent operators alike, they are never alone when they’re out on the road. Instead, they are always surrounded by others that care as much about the process as they do.

If you are considering some tweaks to your supply chain this year, consider the benefits of outsourcing some, or all, of your OTR needs contact us at CT Transportation. We specialize in flatbed trucking services for the construction and building trades.

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