Regional Flatbed

If you can build with it, we can haul it.

CT offers flatbed regional freight transportation in the eastern third of the United States. Focused on the Atlantic Coast and Southeastern region, we utilize regionally based drivers operating out of nine terminals located in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia. This territorial knowledge is one reason we continue to convert first-time customers into long-term partners.

We strive to become an extension of your business. We stay in tune with your needs and adapt to meet any distribution changes that arise. It’s this flexibility that sets us apart from the standard for-hire flatbed carriers.

Consistency of Capacity

Regional Flatbed Truck and TrailerMost businesses experience seasonal peaks, so we ensure you get a consistent number of trucks from us year round. For our long-term partners, we surge with them providing more trucks for those who use our capacity 12 months out of the year.

High Levels of Service

CT Transportation offers daily capacity guarantees and vigorous backhaul strategies. We operate trucks on regularly scheduled line-hauls, across common transport lanes, throughout the southeast. Utilizing our strategically placed terminal locations, we can offer more efficient rates while simultaneously creating multiple backhaul opportunities.

Specific Customer Equipment

Flatbed trailers are extremely versatile and well suited to construction sites or shipping points that require fast loading or unloading in areas with no dock. Examples of our common freight include wallboard, shingles, lumber, OSB fiberboard, steel and pipe. We can also transport construction equipment, structural steel, heavy machinery and precast concrete. If you’re looking to transport a load that is oversized or overweight, we can help.

CT Transportation is subsidiary of Comcar Industries, a leader in the transportation and logistics industries. CT leverages this collective 280 years of trucking experience to forge lasting partnerships. We are continually evolving to handle changes in trucking regulations, commodity mix, shipping lanes, and market or industry.

We invite you to contact our CT professional team to learn more about our regional offerings.

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